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About Cookies

Cookie is a data stored on the device of a user who visits a website. This data can be used to control which messages will be displayed(not to re-display a message that is agreed upon) or to change the content according to the history of pages the user viewed. (Cookies do not contain information that identifies you personally)

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Cookies to use

Essential Cookies

These cookies are essential for the use of this website.
These cookies are necessary to recognize the same user when they move between pages, to keep them logged in, etc.

Cookies for analysis

These cookies are necessary to analyze website usage and content performance.
It is used in conjunction with an analytics service (Google Analytics etc.) that keeps a record of the most accessed pages, the time and number of times they were viewed, and from which sites they were visited.

Functional cookies

These cookies are used to record individual user settings (e.g., font size, display language, etc.) and to provide a function for storing data once it is entered in an input field.

Using Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics provided by Google in order to understand how the website is used and analyze it to improve its usability. Google Analytics uses the cookies issued by our site to help us understand the user’s data on page views. (The information in Google Analytics does not contain any personal identifiable user information.)

The information in Google Analytics will be managed in accordance with Google’s privacy policy.
For more information (

If you want to disable Google Analytics, install Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-Ons on your browser.(

Consent and initializing rejection

When you visit our site for the first time with your browser, we will display a “Cookie Policy and Acceptable Use Dialog” to record whether or not you agree to this cookie policy.

Once you have decided whether you will accept or decline to the concet and wish to initialize your browser’s cookie, go to settings and search for the domain of our site ( and delete Cookies we use. This will be treated as if you were visiting for the first time, and it will show “Cookie Policy and Acceptable Use Dialog” again, so please reiterate your intention.

Scope of the Cookie Policy

This cookie policy does not apply to other websites linked to this website.
Please refer to the linked website for more information.